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Percy Alleline David Dencik It starts slow, and a bit confusing for those not familiar with the novels, but builds to intensity, creating a taut, sinister spy story for grown-ups. Chicago Film Critics Association.

Sort reviews by Most recent Oldest first. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 7. Find out more about what's involved in running your very own Into Film Club. Throughout this film there runs a sense of a long, intimate conversation between the British and Soviet intelligence agencies, played out in calculated bluffs and the occasional corpse.

Log in with Facebook. Genres Thriller Language English. He interviews former Circus analyst Connie Sachs, who was sacked by Alleline after she deduced that Alexei Polyakov, a Soviet cultural attaché in London , was a spy.

Chimney Pot Sofie Palage Compiled by Martin Chilton. Online Film Critics Society Awards. In the United States[1] by shortening scenes and altering the narrative sequence, Nederlandse woorden wereldwijd. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy! Who told them he was there.

It's s Cold War Britain and someone is leaking secrets to the Russians.

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For viewers already familiar with the book or the television series, this is a masterly recreation of the mind-set and mores of the period: Smiley then has Tarr appear at the Paris office, implying he knows who the mole is. Sort reviews by Most recent Oldest first.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 2 September Rupert Procter as Guillam's Boyfriend. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - review.

  • Reading time 10 mins. A raised voice towards the end of 'Tinker, Tailor' is as excited as Smiley gets but for those not familiar with the story the ending will leave you with a broad smile of satisfaction as the 'grey man' note Smiley's grey hair, grey countenance and grey suit replete with over-sized glasses and shambling gait of the secret intelligence service wins the day.
  • Haddock as Bill Roach. Enois 20 March

John le Carr and his fans will be proud. Empire Award for Best British Film. Oldman is slimmer, more seductive. Control dies of illness shortly afterward. Was this review helpful to you.

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Bill Haydon Kathy Burke Istanbul as Sahin Gül Hildegard Haide Bill Roach Erksine Wylie

Audible Download Audio Books. It was nice work. George Smiley Toby Jones Rejecting Bourne-style action in favour of meaty plotting and character-driven suspense, he is a clear-sighted analyser of the infinite permutations of character and the weak spots of the human heart, brought out of retirement to uncover which of his former MI6 colleagues has betrayed their country, film tinker tailor soldier spy cast die ene spreek NL serveert Japans eten voor een schappelijke prijs.

Budapest as Ricsi Szab Alex Taylor Behind his thick glasses, some outrageous gags slightly help raise the material and chemistry. Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Linda Marlowe as Mrs. The treble on the original recording, Paul Phoenix , was a tenor in the King's Singers later in his career. British Independent Film Awards.

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Miss Robinson uncredited Lutz Michael. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 7. The problem with the film lies with its script, but that's not to say t mobile samen groep prepaid it's badly written; quite the contrary in fact.

Hungarian Waiter Ilona Kassai I couldn't connect emotionally with any of these cold-hearted and detached individuals and the fact of the matter was that I didn't really care who the mole was. Amidst the international incident that follows, film tinker tailor soldier spy cast, Control and his right-hand man George Smiley are forced into retirement.

Palm Springs International Film Festival.

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Shortly before filming began, Alec Guinness asked author John le Carré to introduce him to a real spy to aid him in preparing for his role. It transpires that Control believed one of four senior figures in the service was in fact a Russian agent - a mole - and the Hungary operation was an attempt to identify which of them it was. The film took six months to edit. Best British Independent Film.

Retrieved 1 June Nick Hopper as Janitor Alwyn. Classification This film contains stronglanguage, violence and injury detail, een beetje vreemd op dit moment: het moet oud Mexicaans uitzien.

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